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Hi - You are 7 weeks pregnant.

We recommend the following products for you:

Pregnacare Vitamins & Minerals

This is a special time for you and your developing baby.
Look after yourself with Pregnacare vitamins and minerals, the optimum supplement for pregnant women.
We sell them in 30's or 90's - that's 3 months of nutritional support. For all stages of pregnancy and for when you commence breast feeding.


Keep wearing your usual clothes during pregnancy & after.


Create a fashionable layered look and keep wearing your pre-pregnancy clothes.

Birthing Ball

The Birth-ease Birth Ball, for pregnancy comfort, optimal foetal positioning, support during labour and a mobile, active birth. Use it throughout pregnancy

Summary for
Due Date:
Days To Go: 231 *
Weeks Pregnant: 7
Pregnancy Month: 2
You are in your 1st Trimester

About Your Baby - Wk 7

Your baby will be 1.8cm long by the end of this week and will be able to take a little tiny stretch! Eyelids are forming and the tip of the nose will be visable
Folic acid taken daily is known to be beneficial throughout pregnancy - read more on the Vitamins and minerals product pages.

Did You Know?
Your baby will be measured from the top of his head to his bottom, called the "crown-rump" length.
(The photo below is for a baby taken at 8 weeks).

8 week Baby In Womb - Birth-ease

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