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Hi - You are 24 weeks pregnant.

We recommend the following products for you:

BumpBelt (Pregnancy Seat Belt)

A safer way to travel in the car whilst you are pregnant. Prevents the belt from cutting into your bump; reducing discomfort and possible risk to baby

Pregnacare Stretch Cream

Keep the stretch marks at bay!
Proven in pregnancy to help your skin remain supple and reduce the effect of stretching.
Enriched cream for your bump from Vitabiotics.

Birthing Ball

The Birth-ease Birth Ball, for pregnancy comfort, optimal foetal positioning, support during labour and a mobile, active birth. Use it throughout pregnancy

Prenatal Heart Listener

Listen to your unborn baby's heartbeat, kicks and even hiccups! Full stereo sound to record, save and even e-mail to relatives! Dads-to-be like this one.

Bra Extenders

Such a simple aid - extend your bras as you grow.


Create a fashionable layered look and keep wearing your pre-pregnancy clothes.


Keep wearing your usual clothes during pregnancy & after.

Pregnacare Vitamins & Minerals

This is a special time for you and your developing baby.
Look after yourself with Pregnacare vitamins and minerals, the optimum supplement for pregnant women.
We sell them in 30's or 90's - that's 3 months of nutritional support. For all stages of pregnancy and for when you commence breast feeding.

Summary for
Due Date:
Days To Go: 112 *
Weeks Pregnant: 24
Pregnancy Month: 6
You are in your 3rd Trimester

About Your Baby - Wk 24

At Week 24, the foetus becomes legally viable. If your baby was born now, he would have a reasonable chance of survival with specialist care.Weight is about 1lb 11oz and the crown to bottom length is 23cm.
The babies skeleton continues to develop and bones that form the skull begin to harden - but not fully.

Face of unborn baby at 26 weeks
Antenatal checkup and scan to check the baby

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