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Hi - You are 2 weeks pregnant.

We recommend the following products for you:

Pregnacare Vitamins & Minerals

This is a special time for you and your developing baby.
Look after yourself with Pregnacare vitamins and minerals, the optimum supplement for pregnant women.
We sell them in 30's or 90's - that's 3 months of nutritional support. For all stages of pregnancy and for when you commence breast feeding.

Birthing Ball

The Birth-ease Birth Ball, for pregnancy comfort, optimal foetal positioning, support during labour and a mobile, active birth. Use it throughout pregnancy

Summary for
Due Date:
Days To Go: 266 *
Weeks Pregnant: 2
Pregnancy Month: 1
You are just starting out in your 1st Trimester - congratulations

About Your Baby - Wk 2

In the UK, pregnancy is calculated from the first day of your last period - so for as much as three weeks of this first month you might not be actually pregnant. When fertilisation does occur the tiny mass of cells called a blastocyst at this stage embeds itself in the lining of the womb which is already thickening to support it.

Your baby to be is the size of a small pinhead at 2 weeks.

Folic acid taken daily is known to be beneficial throughout pregnancy - read more on the Vitamins and minerals product pages.

You are pregnant!

Baby is size of a small pinhead at 2 weeks

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