Baby Safe Bump Belt for car safety.  Birth-ease: products to ease Pregnancy & Labour

Bump Belt for Car Safety

Baby Safe Bump Belt for car safety.  Birth-ease: products to ease Pregnancy & Labour

Designed to help protect the unborn baby and mother-to-be whilst travelling by car.

A normal vehicle lap belt can exert extreme pressure on the womb in the event of an accident or even during heavy breaking. In a low speed accident, a person can be projected forward with a force of 5 tons.

Furthermore, many mothers-to-be, during the later stages of pregnancy have been known to stop wearing their seat belt because it gets too uncomfortable - this is extremely dangerous and illegal!

When correctly fitted, the Bump Belt ensures that the lap portion of the seat belt does not ride up over the tummy, keeping the lap belt low over the hips and pelvis which are better able to absorb any impact.

Simple and easy to use. No tools required. Comprises of a seat pad that secures round the car seat. Fasten your seatbelt as normal, and then thread the lower lap belt through the Bump Belt loop. Easily moved between driver or passenger seats.

The Bump Belt ensures that wearing a vehicle seat belt throughout pregnancy is comfortable.

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Recent FeedBack
"I bought this for my daughter as she is 6 months pregnant. Because my cousins daughter was involved in a head on car crash not so long ago when she was about six months pregnant. luckily both mother and baby are fine but if she was not wearing the seatbelt then circumstances could have been tragic for the baby. So well done Birth -ease and thank you."
Cynthia from Weston-Super-Mare

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