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Useful Links

  Stockists Birth Ball specialist in the Netherlands

  Antenatal Exercise& Care

      The Midwifery Centre Private Pregnancy Healthcare, Antenatal care, Postnatal care
- Hare Hatch, Berkshire
      Perfectly Pregnant Website for Pregnant Mum's who care about their pregnancy fitness
      Harmonious Birth Doula Services in Birmingham
      Sunfish Yoga & Therapy Ashford, Kent. Birthlight and Dru yoga teacher. Reflexologist and Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner
      Maternity at Home BLOG: Everything about Maternity from an experienced mother


National website for HypnoBirthing® - Find your nearest practitioner
      The Mulberry Clinic Hypnotherapy & EFT
      Hypnobirthing4u HypnoBirthing® Specialists
      Hypnobirthing Babies HypnoBirthing® Specialists
      Your Birth Right HypnoBirthing® Specialists
      HypnoBirthing in the East Midlands HypnoBirthing® Specialists :antenatal classes, preparing for an easier, more comfortable natural birth. Taught in the Notts / Derbyshire area
      Desidera Therapies Hypnotherapy & HypnoBirthing® in Essex
      Divine Intentions HypnoBirthing® in Warwickshire
      West Cornwall Birth Support Natal Hypnotherapy™ weekends and private antenatal sessions in Cornwall
      HypnoBirthing Ayrshire HypnoBirthing Ayrshire - the busiest HypnoBirthing practitioner in the south of Scotland.
      Baby Coach HypnoBirthing, Baby Massage, Baby Yoga and coaching for parents
      HypnoBirthing Hertfordshire One-stop resource for information on qualified practitioners, group classes and FREE Information events across Hertfordshire
      Mellow Mama HypnoBirthing courses in Cheltenham, London, Birmingham and Bristol


Retailers & Services

      The Pregnancy Photographer Because every bump is beautiful, every pregnancy unique.
      Harmony Reflex Calming & Relaxing Reflexology Treatments in Surbiton, including reflexology for Babies.
      Blooming Bumps Maternity Clothing Resellers - Second Hand Maternity wear
      Crash Bang Kids Crash Bang Kids keep your family safe in the sun with 100+ SPF UV wear and warm in the sea or pool with wetsuits and baby warmers. Lots of fun toys and holiday accessories too
      Tums to Tots Sells a range of quality and award winning maternity essentials for mums with bumps through to popular baby toys, travel and nursery items
Links to our recommended products during pregnancy (by week)

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