Birth Birthing Ball by Birth-ease
Birth Birthing Ball by Birth-ease

The Birth-ease Birth Ball
For comfort, for exercise, for active birth

Birth Birthing Ball by Birth-ease

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FREE PUMP with every Birth-ease Birth Ball

Superior birthing ball quality

The Birth-ease Ball is manufactured in Italy by Birthing Ball specialists.
It's anti-burst construction means that should the ball get punctured whilst you are sitting on it, it will deflate gradually to prevent you and your baby from injury. Maximum weight load 300kg and tested anti-burst to 120kg weight.

The Birth-ease Birth Ball is a premium quality birthing ball, specified latex-free, Pregnancy/Baby Friendly: certified 6 phthalates Free. Its non-slip surface gives stability and adherence to the floor. Latex free. Each ball is supplied with one plug.

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Photographic Instructions for Pregnancy & Labour

Detailed guide shows you how to use your Birthing Ball:

Use your Birth Ball in Pregnancy:

  • for relief from back pain and pregnancy discomfort
  • for optimal foetal positioning, getting your baby into the best position for birth
  • for prenatal exercises to keep fit during pregnancy and build strength for labour. These include squats, stretches and leg bends
  • for pelvic floor exercises

Use your Birth Ball in Labour:

  • help to cope with contractions
  • for relaxation in labour
  • for progressing labour and dilation of the neck of the uterus
  • to support mobile, active birth positions

Size Matters! Select 65cm or 75cm

A birthing ball needs to be bigger and firmer than a standard gym ball that you would use just to exercise with. When sitting on the ball, with your feet flat on the floor, your hips should be raised approx 10cm above your knees. This raised sitting position brings the weight of the baby forward, giving relief from back pain and general discomfort felt in pregnancy. This position also keeps the pelvis open and pressure off your lower back during labour and contractions.

Select the correct size for your height:
65cm: Up to 5'8              (Up to 173cm)
75cm: 5'8 and over     (173cm & over)

We do not stock a 55cm ball, if you are under 5'4, we recommend you inflate the 65cm birth ball to a 60cm diameter.

Soft Lilac Colour

At Birth-ease, we want you to love your birth ball so have selected an exclusive soft, subtle, lilac shade.
We never substitute with other colours.

Special Offer: FREE Pump with every Birth Ball!
Hand Pump     Usual Price 3.50    

A compact hand pump for inflation. Designed for birth ball inflation, no adapters needed. Don't forget to take it to hospital with you to re-infalte your ball.
Full price for Hand Pump is 3.50.

Why not order your TENs Hire today, and get Free P&P on your Birth-ease Birth Ball. Birth Ball sent immediately, TENs Hire sent at the start of your 36th week. All orders over 25 are Free P&P.

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65cm Ball & Free Pump    £18.99      [In Stock]
75cm Ball & Free Pump    £20.99      [In Stock}
Pump only                        £3.50        [In Stock]
Replacement Plug            £1.00        [In Stock]

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Endorsements for The Birth-ease Birth Ball

The Birth-ease Birthing Ball has been recommended to readers by:

  • The Daily Mail Featured in Top Ten Best Pregnancy Products
  • "I'm Pregnant!" magazine
  • "Pregnancy & Birth" magazine
  • "Pregnancy, Baby and You" magazine

NCT Instructors
National Childbirth Trust instructors use the Birth-ease Birth Ball for demonstration in their antenatal classes.

NHS Trusts NHS trusts purchase the Birth-ease Birth Ball for use within their maternity/labour wards. NHS Trust Purchaser? Click Here

Feedback from Recent Customers

Sally from Norfolk
"I just wanted to say thank you for your very efficient delivery. I only placed my order yesterday, and received my delivery this morning. I have already inflated the birth ball, and it is wonderful. At 35 weeks pregnant it is the most comfortable thing I have sat on in months!! I wish I'd got one sooner."

Jenny from Cheshire
"I had my baby (at home, as planned) on Monday night, I sat on the ball in the early stages and knelt on the floor leaning on it to deliver, it was utterly fantastic!"

Lindsay from Hertfordshire
"Fast delivery and easy instructions to inflate and use - the whole process is so easy, even a pregnant woman can do it!"

Heather from Wales
"I've been really pleased with my birth-ease birth ball - so pleased I bought one. The leaflet you provided was really helpful and I tried out several of the pregnancy exercises - when I could get my other half off of it! Also found it really comfortable to sit on at my computer ... And it put a smile on my face as it reminded me of my spacehopper days! (boing, boing!) We took the ball with us to the hospital and found it really useful for sitting on during labour. And in future we'll be able to use it as a gym ball too! Thanks for providing a leaflet with suggested gym exercises too! Fantastic value! Thanks!"

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65cm Ball & Free Pump    £18.99      [In Stock]
75cm Ball & Free Pump    £20.99      [Stock due Tues 22nd Oct]
Pump only                        £4.00        [In Stock]
Replacement Plug              £1.00        [In Stock]

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